Molecular tests are important tools in determining systemic therapies for breast cancer

The treatment for breast cancer does not always follow concrete guidelines. Adding to the complexity and heterogeneity of the disease the choice of the treatment line to be followed is outlined by different factors such as cancer type (invasive and noninvasive), aggressiveness, patient’s family history, as well as their genetic profile. Additionally, the response level to the treatments is quite unique for each patient.

Fortunately, new studies and updates on prevention and diagnostic tools help as guidelines for different lines of treatment according to the patient’s need. Treatments that have been known for a long time, such as surgical procedures, chemotherapies, radiotherapies and hormonal therapies, as well as the use of molecular tests to characterize the patient’s genetic profile, in addition to the intrinsic tumor subtype, greatly contribute to the success of the patient’s treatment and prognosis.

In this context, it is clear that the success of the treatment is often based on the possibility of personalizing it to the patient and having therapeutic options available. Regardless of the type of treatment chosen, putting into practice joint actions of all professionals involved is very important, always following the guidelines of the specialist doctor responsible for the patient. Amid this joint action, SYNLAB supports these professionals always striving to offer the most innovative solution in personalized genomic medicine. Learn more about our tests that have been carefully designed to promote women’s health.


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