Why undergoing this examination?

Cardiovascular risk factors are classified as modifiable (smoking, drinking, cholesterol, etc.) and non-modifiable (age, sex, genetic factors, etc.). The presence of non-modifiable factors makes the therapeutic goals on the modifiable factors more demanding. The fact that more than half of cardiovascular events occur in patients classified as low risk or moderate means that the current cardiovascular risk estimation functions are not fully effective. The incorporation of genetic factors in the risk algorithms allows the stratification of cardiovascular risk in a more precise way, identifying the patients who need stricter therapies.

What is this exam?

The CardioGen genetic profile integrates the genetic, clinical and lifestyle information of the patient, determining:
• The actual cardiovascular risk, or genetic evaluation of the risk of myocardial infarction, based on genetic risk factor and relative risk. The patient’s cardiovascular age is determined.
• The predisposition to the development of classic risk factors:
– Dyslipidemias: LDL-C, HDL-C, triglycerides
– Arterial hypertension
– Diabetes mellitus
– Obesity
– Thrombosis
– Nicotine addiction

For whom is it indicated?

• People with moderate cardiovascular risk.
• People with a family history of cardiovascular diseases.
• Persons over 35 years of age classified as risk and with no family history.




• Guaranteed from the experience of the Synlab group, the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnosis.
• Genetic counseling available at no additional cost, according to the needs of each client.
• Objective and detailed results report.

Extra information

DOCUMENTATION – Available on Extranet for clients:
• Informed Consent.
• Clinical Questionnaire.
• Fasting is not necessary for the test.

Delivery Time
30 working days
Type of Sample
5 mL of whole blood in EDTA tube

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