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FG Basic

Genetic Analysis of Drug Response

Why undergoing this examination?

Genomic variation is one of the factors responsible for modulating the individual response to medications. Pharmacogenetics studies how genetic differences between individuals influence responses to drugs. The metabolism of a drug involves various reactions that modify it and, in general, convert it into a more soluble molecule that can be excreted more easily. Several genes responsible for the expression of enzymes acting in drug metabolism pathways have genetic variants that cause changes in enzyme expression, selectivity, or activity, reflecting the diversity of responses to drugs. Consequently, evaluating the genetic profile based on the analysis of these variants has become essential to assist in understanding drug metabolism. 

What is this exam?

The FG Basic pharmacogenetic panel evaluates variants in genes responsible for the expression of the main enzymes involved in the metabolism of medications most commonly used in different therapeutic areas. The analysis provides relevant information on 188 drugs currently most used in medicine, based on the study of 22 genetic variants described in the scientific literature, present in the cytochrome P450 gene family: CYP450 (CYP1, CYP2, and CYP3). 

For whom is it indicated?

  • Patients undergoing pharmacological treatment who want to personalize medication based on their genetic profile; 
  • Patients on polypharmacy; 
  • Patients experiencing side effects to drugs; 
  • Patients for whom pharmacological treatments do not yield expected results. 


Next-generation sequencing (NGS). 

FG Basic

Genetic Analysis of Drug Response




Guaranteed by the experience of the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnostics. 


  • A simple blood sample for analysis; 
  • Results will suggest individualized approaches, aiding in prognosis to provide greater treatment efficacy and a significant reduction in adverse reactions. 


Additional Information 


DOCUMENTATION – Available on the SYNLAB Direct for clients 
  • Informed Consent; 
  • Clinical Questionnaire; 
  • Medical Request. 


  • Fasting is not necessary for the test.


Delivery Time 

30 business days 

Sample Type 

5mL of total blood in EDTA 

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