Why undergoing this examination?

Cardiovascular diseases encompass a range of pathologies related to the heart and blood vessels, which can occur both due to genetic factors and environmental factors. Among cardiovascular-related and metabolic-related diseases, it is possible to highlight hyperlipidemias, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coagulation disorders and arrhythmias. The pharmacological treatment of cardiovascular diseases is based on the use of several drugs aimed both at alleviating the causes and the symptoms of the disease. Some examples of this type of medicine are drugs that control cholesterol levels, glucose or blood pressure, drugs to prevent clotting or arrhythmias. Despite advances in pharmacological treatment, not all patients with cardiovascular disease respond adequately to medication. This lack of effect of pharmacological treatment of cardiovascular diseases may be in large part due to genetic causes, since the variation in the human genome is one of the most important factors responsible for modulating the individual response to the drugs.

What is this exam?

The genetic profile FG – Cardio studies the main metabolizing enzymes and targets involved in the effect and toxicity of the different pharmacological treatments of cardiovascular diseases. The analysis provides relevant information about the 52 most used drugs, from the study of 49 genetic polymorphisms in 27 genes described in the scientific literature.

For whom is it indicated?

• Patients on pharmacological treatment who wish to customize medication based on their genetic profile
• Patients with drug side effects
• Patients in whom pharmacological treatments do not show the expected results


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


• Guaranteed from the experience of the Synlab group, the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnosis.
• Detailed report including, in addition to the type of metabolism of each enzyme, which drugs can generate toxic effects and adverse reactions, as well as dose recommendations.
•The analysis provides relevant information on the 52 most commonly used drugs.
• Information provided by the analysis allows the selection of the most appropriate drug, and determines the most appropriate dose for each patient.
• Genetic counseling available at no additional cost, according to the needs of each client.

Extra information

DOCUMENTATION – Available on Extranet for clients:
• Informed Consent
• Clinical Questionnaire
• Fasting is not necessary for the test.

Delivery Time
30 working days
Type of Sample
5 mL whole blood in EDTA tube

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