Why undergoing this examination?

The tumour undergoes genetic modifications over time, producing new mutations in the face of disease progression or even received treatment, generating in some cases resistance to therapy. Knowledge of these mutations allows the use of drugs targeted to a particular tumour at a specific time, thus increasing the rate of treatment success.

What is this exam?

The Guardant360 test analyzes 74 genes in a blood sample to identify the presence of point tumor mutations, rearrangements, insertions and deletions (indels), beyond microsatellite instability. The objective of this test is to provide greater assertiveness in directing the patient’s clinical treatment by the analysis of the biological characteristics of the tumor.

For whom is it indicated?

Indicated for patients with advanced solid or metastatic tumour in the following cases:
• Progression of the disease with current treatment;
• Inadequate amount of biopsied tissue, unsuitable sample quality for NGS or when biopsy should be obtained from hard-to-reach tissue;
• Biopsy tissue of ≥ 6 months;
• One or more types of therapy or intervention since the last biopsy;
• Sub genotyped patient requiring a more complete test;
• Critical treatment and decision required in 2 weeks or less;
• Patient who prefers a non-invasive assessment of the genetic profile.


Digital sequencing; liquid biopsy


• Guaranteed from the experience of the Synlab group, the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnosis.                                                                                            RELIABLE:
• It uses digital sequencing, which achieves an analytical specificity of 99.9999%, improving NGS performance. The technology used allows detecting up to 0.1% of mutated tumor DNA.
• Full report, including mutations detected as well as drugs available for each mutation, or if there is no available drug, it reports clinical trials being developed for the drug of interest.
• Minimally invasive as it does not require biopsy.

Extra information

DOCUMENTATION – Available on Extranet for clients:  
• Informed Consent.
• Clinical Questionnaire.
• Patients on intravenous chemotherapy, radiation therapy or who have had a biopsy should wait at least 2 weeks before the sample is collected.
• The test is not indicated for the following cases: haematological malignancies; solid tumors in early stages (Stage I-II); stable disease.
• Avoid, if possible, the examination during chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
• Fasting is not necessary for the test.

Delivery Time
20 working days
Type of Sample
Whole blood (request the specific kit for us)

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