Why undergoing this examination?

Thrombophilia is the propensity to develop thrombi and occurs as a consequence of changes in the coagulation system. Its prevalence is greater than 10%, being the first cause of mortality and morbidity in Western society, where this pathology may account for more than 27% of deaths. This pathology is a complex condition which involves both environmental factors and genetic factors. However, the genetic tendency for thromboembolism is the most serious risk factor, affecting mainly young patients. Genetic factors may explain up to 60% of the etiology of thrombosis.

What is this exam?

The analysis consists of the evaluation of 15 allelic variants in 11 genes associated with an increased risk of developing thrombosis: F2 (Coagulation factor II), F5 (Coagulation factor V), F12 (Coagulation factor XII), F13A1 (Chain A of the coagulation factor XIII), FGB (Beta fibrinogen), GP1BA (Glycoprotein GP Ib), MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase), PROCR (Protein C endothelial receptor),PROS1 (Protein S), SERPINC1 (Antithrombin), SERPINE1 (Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor, PAI-1). The analysis integrates a mathematical algorithm that, based on the genetic, clinical and environmental information of the patient, estimates its risk of developing thromboembolic events.

For whom is it indicated?

The Thrombophilia Panel is especially indicated for:
• Patients with a EVTE pattern or pathology that suggests a hereditary component:
– Idiopathic venous thromboembolism in <45 years.
– Recurrent venous thrombosis.
– Venous thrombosis in infrequent vascular territories.
– Neonatal purpura fulminans.
– Warfarin-induced cutaneous necrosis.
– Unexplained arterial thrombosis.

• Patients with environmental risk of thrombosis.
– High risk surgery.
– Long periods of immobilization.
– Oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, estrogen therapy.

• Women who:
– Have recurrent fetal losses or spontaneous abortions.
– Are pregnant and have venous thrombosis.


Microchip DNA MassArrays


• Guaranteed from the experience of the Synlab group, the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnosis. 
• Objective and detailed results report.
• Genetic counseling available at no additional cost, according to the needs of each client.

Extra information

DOCUMENTATION – Available on Extranet for clients:
• Informed Consent.
• Clinical Questionnaire.
• Fasting is not necessary for the test.

Delivery Time
21 working days
Type of Sample
5 mL whole blood EDTA tube

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