Why undergoing this examination?

Every day, more people are aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent diseases before they appear, which is the basis of Personalized Preventive Medicine. Genetics have an important influence on how we metabolize the food that we ingest and therefore, in the effect that they have on the body. Adjusting the diet according to genetics allows us to optimize our health in order to avoid changes that cause us indisposition and development of diseases. Aiming to obtain a personalized diet that allows improvement of the health of each person, it is necessary to know the genetic factors that regulate the different metabolic pathways.

What is this exam?

The genetic test Wellness Check lets you know your genetic predisposition to metabolism regulation and other nutrition-related processes to adjust your diet in a personalized way. The genetic analysis determines genetic variants in 24 genes related to: Cholesterol and lipid profile; lactose intolerance ; celiac disease; salt sensitivity; alcohol metabolism; caffeine metabolism; risk of osteoporosis; detoxification of the liver; oxidative stress; inflammatory response and homocysteine ​​metabolism.

For whom is it indicated?

• People who wish to maintain and improve their current state of health by preventing, as far as possible, the chronic diseases common in adulthood.
• People with a family history of diseases that are common in adulthood.
• People with neurodevelopmental or chronic disease disorders in order to improve their quality of life through nutrition.


Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms (RPLP) – PCR + Real Time PCR


• Guaranteed from the experience of the Synlab group, the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnosis.
• Genetic counseling available at no additional cost, according to the needs of each client.
• Objective and personalized recommendations, both in nutrition and in other lifestyle factors.

Extra information

DOCUMENTATION – Available on Extranet for clients:
• Informed Consent
• Clinical Questionnaire
• Fasting is not necessary for the test.

Delivery Time
21 working days
Type of Sample
5 mL of whole blood in EDTA tube

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