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Advanced Sport Test

Detailed genetic and biochemical assessment of sport performance

Why undergoing this examination?

Sports practice is essential for a good quality of life, but not all individuals respond to sports in the same way. This is due, among other factors, to genetic variations that allow personalization of sports training. Sports performance is the result of the contribution and interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Genetic factors are related to individual differences in sports performance, such as muscular response, cardiovascular response, inflammation, and susceptibility to injuries. According to various studies, genetic factors contribute 20-50% to individual characteristics related to sports performance. 

What is this exam?

The ADVANCED SPORTS TEST allows the genetic analysis of 34 SNVs in 31 genes, and 10 biochemical markers based on 5 parameters associated with individual characteristics in sports performance, offering personalized recommendations. 

genetic profile + biochemical profile 

For whom is it indicated?

  • People who want to improve their sports performance through personalized training; 
  • People who want to start practicing sports; 
  • People who want to prevent, as much as possible, frequent injuries in physical activity. 


SNP Genotyping with Openarrays. 

Advanced Sport Test

Detailed genetic and biochemical assessment of sport performance




Guaranteed by the experience of the absolute European leader in laboratory diagnostics. 


  • Report with objective results and detailed description; 
  • Glossary of terms; 
  • Personalized recommendations. 


Extra Information 


DOCUMENTATION – Available on the SYNLAB Direct for clients 
  • Informed Consent; 
  • Clinical Questionnaire. 


  • Fasting is required for at least 8 hours before the test;
Additional Information 

Delivery Time 

30 business days 

Sample Type 

3mL of total blood in EDTA protected from light;

3mL of total blood in EDTA; 

3mL of plasma in EDTA; 

9mL of serum in gel separator tube; 

5mL of serum in TRACE tube free of metals. 

Note: All samples above must be sent.

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